Space Issue: How Does Baidu Deal With Space in Search Terms?

Space in the English phrases is normal; however, space in the Chinese phrases usually should not appear.

Notice the difference of writing fashion designer in both languages:

English: fashion designer


Chinese: 时尚设计师

But it can happen that people search Chinese phrases with space. How does Baidu deal with the space then?

  • If the space is before or after the search terms, it will be ignored by Baidu. Keywords“时尚设计师” in exact match type will have impressions, if search terms has space at the end.
  • However, if there is space inserted in the middle of search terms, only keywords with space inserted (exact match type) will have impressions; if keywords have no space in between, then no impressions.
  • If search terms have no space in the middle, only keywords in exact match with no space will have impressions.

To conclude, if the keyword match type is exact match, it also means that space should be exactly matched in order to have impressions.

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