Checklist: 3 Basic Elements of a Healthy Baidu Search Account

Before you optimise for Baidu search account, make sure that your account is in a healthy state, which means adequate campaigns, effective keywords and relative ads.

  1.  Campaigns

Make sure that you have at least 2 campaigns in your account. Build campaigns based on the specifications of your business or products. Well-sorted campaigns are fundamental for accurate targeting.

  1.  Keywords

Too less keywords cannot reach enough audience, while too many keywords cannot ensure the relatedness with ads. What is the recommended number of keywords within each ad group? The answer is between 5 to 15. If the keywords have exceeded 30, please execute ad group optimisation by splitting keywords.

  1.   Ads

Write ads related with keywords, in order to keep a decent CTR. One good feature is dynamic keyword insertion, which is similar with Google DKI.

Another distinct and quite handy feature worth to mention is that, in Headline you can insert the dynamic location parameter in the text – just by one click. No business data feed required! This is very useful if you want to write ads targeting audience from different locations. Here is a screenshot of DKI and Location Parameter Insertion:
baidu account

If you decide to use DKI and LPI, please pay attention to the ultimate text ads that will show to customers: the ads can be truncated, semantically or grammatically incorrect. Besides, in Vertipper ad group, you may not want to use dynamic parameters.

A healthy, well-structured account is a foundation of high performance. Keep in mind these three requirements are met before you start granular optimisation.



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