High Churn Rate? – 6 Effective Ways to Make your WeChat Contents Stand Out!

In the previous post “WeChat Marketing: why is the competition so intense? 5 reasons to consider“, we talked about the strong competition in WeChat content marketing.

To tackle this challenge, here are 6 effective ways to make your WeChat contents stand out:

  1. Headlines, Headlines, Headlines


An appealing headline is so important for the open rate and branding that you should never underestimate it. Big public account owners often recruit branding managers who are only responsible for creating excellent headlines. A headline team would spend days in a row to discuss what is the best headline for the article.

Three useful techniques to make a good headline –

  • Moderate length – not too long, not too short. It should be visually comfortable.
  • Suspense – draw users’ attention by leaving rooms of imagination and curiosity.
  • Useful – ask questions that users are also asking.


2. Image is the spokesman of the brand.


Be careful of using images that can harm your brand. If your brand is supposed to be intellectual or serious, you should avoid too much Biaoqingbao ( expression packages). If your contents are about styling and fashion, lots of good quality images are important.


3. Contents earn the loyalty


Contents must be useful for the readers. Do not put too obvious and too much ad space for your posts. Readers follow your account because of trust, not because they want to get marketed.

But of course, you are not delivering the contents for free – your time and originality count much!


  • Firstly, observe if your readers begin to ask for products and service recommendations, then it is the good time for you to cooperate with business partners.
  • Second, pre-evaluate the external links, affiliate links or QR code of other partners. This might harm your credibility.
  • Third, keep track of the churn rate and do sentiment analysis after each campaign. Data can help you decide how to make the most out of your account, but not lose your trust in the meantime.

4. Formatting


  1. Formatting matters a lot. Make the font and space aligned with your brand image, with the “texture” of contents, with the compatibility of the mobile device. Make use of the editing tools, like Xiumi, that can help you save time and obtain a structurally formatted result.



5. Emotional engagement

download (1)

Be honest with your readers. Some blogger simply tell readers that they sometimes also profit to deliver better contents, “please understand if I put some ads in my posts sometimes, because I need financial support as well..”, these honest remarks to your reader will create empathy among your audience.

Tell your readers what you did today, why you feel down, how hard it was to keep writing – these trivial stuff you can also share with your audience. Tell them blogging is not an easy job either, everything needs to be hard earned.

6. Compliance


Respect the WeChat contents policies and Chinese laws – you don’t want your account to be banned out of a sudden just because of unappropriated wording. No sexual, abusive, children-unfriendly contents, and be responsible for yourself and the society.


These are the effective ways to improve your contents in WeChat. Keep them in mind, and try them out!

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