4 Match Types of Keywords in Baidu – Not That Easy!

The keyword match types in Google are quite clear defined: exact, phrase, broad, and broad match modifier. What about the match types in Baidu? Not that easy.

There are also 4 match types in Baidu:

Exact match

This match is triggered only when the search terms and keywords are exactly the same.

Phrase match

  • Phrase – exact contain

Only when the keywords are totally contained in the search terms, the ads may show.

  •  Phrases – synonymous contain

Only when the keywords and their variations (inserted, reversed and synonymous), the ads may show.

  • Phrase – core contain

When search terms contain the keywords, their variations, and variations of their core parts, the ads may show.

The first phrase match (exact contain) is the phrase match type in Google Adwords, but the other two types of phrase match in Baidu are very special.

Broad match

Default match type by the system.  Search terms can be reversed, with spaces, synonymous, related words, misspellings etc. Unlike Adwords, there is no broad match modifier


Exact: ads will not show if the search terms totally match the keywords.Phrase: ads will not show if the search terms contains the keywords.


  • Broad match and phrase-core contain keywords can bring a lot of irrelevant traffic, do search query research on a daily basis, if possible.
  • The phrase – core contain match type is particularly different from Adwords match types. It is recommended to use core contain match type for long-tail keywords.
  • Be careful of the space in keywords. This specific topic will follow in the next post.

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