Automation to Support GDPR Compliance? – A Sustainable Solution.

GDPR, the most strict data protection law in 20 years, has taken into effect in May 2018. This law is a breakthrough in data protection law history, as it is the first law that regulates data controllers and processors to “respect” data subjects – meaning, citizens in EU countries have 100% rights to decide how and in which way their personal data can be processed.

This caused lots of transformation in most of the EU companies! GDPR requires companies to control and process personal data in a secure and transparent way. Nevertheless, the biggest challenge that is faced by most of the companies is – how to streamline the process? Especially for the big organizations, which deals with thousands of external suppliers, employees, consumers, customers etc, is there a better way to make the whole process and education transparent?

One major direct big organization can look into is – automation. By automating the process, all “dots” are possible to be connected in a technical way. The application of automation technologies or softwares have caught many people’s attention. As indicated below, people search for automation solution constantly to tackle data protection process challenges (Peak in May 2018):

Possible technologies include Virtual Assistant, RPA, Knowledge Base. The fields that can help GDPR project are:

  • Virtual assistant to help answer GDPR questions 7/24, at a low cost. This also reduces manual work. This automation solution is a perfect solution to educate the whole organization about this relatively new law.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can help streamline the whole ecosystem of keeping compliant, this can include documentation of solutions, auditing, legal review and approval, risk assessment etc. smooth process set up in the automation platform could reduce communication internally.
  • Knowledge base is useful to store all the necessary documents and make the education more interactive.

Automation is the future even for the very serious topic – data protection. When used fully, it can achieve higher engagement than any other standard solutions.

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