Five Essential Questions to Address Before You Launch a Chatbot.

Yes, Chatbot is getting popular. Starting from 2017, chatbot is spiking.

Everybody talks about chatbot. But is it really so easy to implement and launch just within today? Before launching a chatbot, there are 5 essential questions you need to answer:

  1. Do you plan a scripted chatbot or free conversation flow? This is important to consider on top of any other points, as it determines the way you design the conversations. Chatbot can do many things, but focus on the main usage. If you would like users to “select” products, scripted chatbot would serve more efficiently.
  2. Is your designed conversation personalized? The essence of a chatbot is personalization. Users want to talk to the Bot being as Human being. Otherwise there is no difference between chatbot and a QA machine.
  3. Where do you place the chatbot? Consider when the users need a chatbot the most? Should it pop out already on the entrance page, or should it appear in the product detail pages? Remember: Serve the users, instead of disturbing them.
  4. How do you measure your chatbot success? Chatbot has performance KPIs too. Do emotional analysis to measure your brand resonance and more importantly, check the satisfaction rate – are people satisfied with your answer?
  5. Set up an seamless escalation policy. Get prepared if your chatbot can not answer or address the questions from users. Offer a solution that users can turn to alternatively. For example, provide a human contact email address, a website landing page to register complaints etc.

Nowadays, consumers are living in an experience world. They don’t buy products, they buy experience. start to win your consumers by talking to them anytime, and without friction points – by using Chatbot!

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